About Johor

Geography - Climate and Weather

Johor, like most parts of west Malaysia is generally hot and humid due to the location of Malaysia that is near to the equator. It has a mean temperature ranging from 27 to 30 degrees. It is wet in Johor during the inter monsoon periods which is from April to October. However, during other times of the year, Johor is usually dry with occasional showers.


Shopping Guide

Shopping is a must in Johor. There are several shopping malls that one must visit. There are the City Square Johor Bahru, Aeon Tebrau City, Holiday Plaza and Plaza Pelangi. These malls offer various brands and range at affordable prices. The latest addition to the malls in Johor would be the Johor Premium Outlet which is a haven for those to crave for designer brands. Here you will be able to find brands like Coach, Fossil, Nike, LV and many more at a lower price. The Johor Premium Outlet is very packed on the weekends. Be sure to get there early if you plan to go there.

Dining / Restaurant

The Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant is one of the most reputable Chinese restaurants in Johor. This is the place to go to for fresh seafood. The variety of seafood here is incredible. You can pick your own seafood as they are live seafood placed in tanks on display. The restaurant is a large one and can fit many people at a time. Dining here does cost a little more but it is worth the service and taste of the dishes.

Another famous place which locals usually frequent is the Ark Restaurant. This is an all-you-can-eat steamboat restaurant. You can try various types of foods here at only RM17 per pax. For western food, the place to go is the George & Dragon café. Many claim that the best steaks in town can be found here at George & Dragon cafe. The appetizers as well as the desserts are simply to die for. If you are in Johor, do drop by at this cafe.


Danga Bay is the largest recreational park in Johor. The park is situated close to the Istana Bukit Serene . Danga Bay is usually the choice of location for events during the festive season. Danga Bay is expected to be the next exclusive waterfront development as it offers high-end outlets, luxurious properties as well as entertainment. The Danga Bay is easily accessible through the network of main roads which makes this place a frequently visited spot by the locals.

The Pulai Desaru Beach is a 22-kilometer long beach that is well maintained. The beach offers the beautiful scenery of the South China Sea with tropical rainforest in the background. Another great place for sun and fun would be at the Sibu Islands. It is actually made of an archipelago of several islands that make up the Sibu Islands. There are numerous activities at the Sibu Island. They include fishing trips, jungle trekking and many more.

If you like the outdoors, the Endau Rompin National Park is a must. This is the second national park after the Taman Negara in Pahang. The Endau Rompin is an 80,000 hectares of land occupied with lush greenery and a diverse group of fauna. A trek into the national park will give you the opportunity to watch the rare sights of the leaf monkeys, white-handed gibbons, long-tail macaques, tapirs and many more. Entry into the park will require a special permit from the Johor National Park Corporation. Thus, do make sure you have that before you visit the park.


Public transport is available here but it is limited to only taxis and buses. It would be best if you have your own car to drive around to visit the places of interest.