Lido Beach

Location: Johor

Location Info

Address: Lido Beach, Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail,
80100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Office Number: +607 223 4935 / +607 224 9960

District » Johor Bahru


Lido Beach located along the banks of the straits of Johor, stretches as long as 3km. It is not far away from the War Memorial of Johor Bahru. The Lido Beach is actually considered as a part of the Johor Bahru's waterfront and so some say Lido Beach is too known as Danga Bay.


Lido Beach is an ideal spot for relaxing. One can go there for a stroll, enjoying the breeze. The long beach is the best place for exercises such as cycling and jogging. Moreover, this is where you have the best view of Singapore. It is exceptionally grand during festive seasons such as Hari Raya, stalls and stalls of local delicacies line the coastal pavement selling delicious food. Unfortunately, there is a twist in this haven, and that is you are forbidden to exceed 300m from the banks of Johor Bahru.

The Johor hotels near to the Lido Beach are M Suites Hotel, Suria City Hotel, Tropical Inn and more. Do check them out if you are looking for accommodations. The nearby attraction of Lido Beach is the Tennis Court and Exercise Circuit Public Park which allow you to perspire. If you want to know more about the beach, to visit Johor Tourism Information Centre (JOTIC). It is located at 2 Jalan Molek, Johor Bahru.


The best way to get to Lido Beach is by the cab. Once you are in the city centre of Johor Bahru, take the taxi and head to the beach. The fare is affordable, with a range of RM5 to RM7. You can also reach Lido Beach by walking on the pedestrian, following signs for about 2km.