Pineapple Museum

Location: Johor

Location Info

Address: KM52, Jalan Pontian, Pekan Nanas,
81500 Johor, Malaysia
Office Number: +607 686 8750 / 687 1249
Opening Hours: Daily - Monday to Sunday (8.30am to 12pm, 2.45pm to 4.30pm),
Friday (8.30am to 12pm, 2.45pm to 4.30pm)

District » Pekan Nanas


The museum is at KM52, Jalan Pontian, Johor. It is in a small town named Pekan Nanas, which literally means Pineapples Town in Bahasa Malaysia. It is located in the district of Pontian, around 50 minutes drive from Johor Bahru.


The Pineapple Museum showcases everything about the tropical fruit, pineapple. It focuses mainly on the cultivation of the pineapple, from scratches until the end. Apart from that, the museum exhibits the way pineapple is processed, and finally canned. Moreover, you get to see all types of pineapple planted just outside the museum. If you are interested in getting some souvenirs there, they do sell products of pineapple, such as pineapple jam, pineapple fresh juice and more.

In the museum, it shows that the leaves of the pineapple are useful too. It actually can be used in making clothes. The admission fee for adults is RM2 whereas it is free of charge for children under 12. If you planned to spending nights in any Johor hotels, do make a tour to Pulai Hill Recreational Forest before the museum. There you can experience and enjoy the fascinating scene of nature


Take a 50 minutes drive from the city of Johor Bahru to Pontian. Then, look out for Pekan Nanas, the town where the museum situated at. There, take Jalan Pontian and look for the sign which indicates the direction to the Pineapple Museum.