Royal Abu Bakar Museum (The Grand Palace Johor)

Location: Johor

Location Info

Address: Royal Abu Bakar Meseum, Grand Palace, 80500 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Office Number: +607 223 0555/ 607 223 0222
Fax: +607 224 8476
Opening Hours: +Open daily except Fridays - 9am to 5pm (ticket counter closed at 4pm)

District » : Johor Bahru


It is located within the palace ground, at the north of Grand Palace of the Sultan of Johor. It is accessible for two streets namely Jalan Air Molek and Jalan Ibrahim.


The Royal Abu Bakar Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Johor. It is too, one of the main attractions in the state. This building was built in the year of 1866. It is formerly the Grand Palace of the Johor Sultan and has turned to a museum since 1982. The museum is filled with information and rare artifacts of the Royal Family. Besides, there are picture gallery featuring the family tree since decades and decades ago. The belongings of the Royal Family are exhibited there including the weapons of Malaysia.

There are a few nearby attractions which are related to the history of Johor and the Sultan himself. They are the Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque and the Sultan Abu Bakar Monument. Johor hotels around that area that are suitable for accommodation are the Thistle Johor Bahru Hotel and Citrus Johor Bahru Hotel.


You can reach the museum by a cab from the city centre of Johor Bahru with very affordable fare. The fare costs around RM3 per ride.

To get to the museum from Singapore, take the MRT from the Woodlands MRT stop. By this, you can reach Johor Bahru with only S$1.10. Take the taxi to the museum after clearing Malaysian customs.